A Pandemic Poem

Resident Larry Conrad put his free time to good use by writing a poem about these strange days.

Living in the COVID-19 Pandemic

 I woke up as usual to face a new day
And looked out the window, the sky was all gray.
The street was so empty, no one was about
Only the squirrels and the lizards were out.

The clouds up above were concealing the sun
While down here below a new day had begun.
But days now were different, we couldn’t leave home
We just stayed inside and were mostly alone.

Our feelings were sadness, depression and gloom
A sense of foreboding, of impending doom.
For nothing was normal, we all lived in fear
Our family and friends, we could not have them near.

Midst sorrow and fear we were in a real fight
The struggle continued through both day and night.
Against a new foe that our eyes could not find
But one that was deadly for all humankind.

Confined and restricted, we waited inside
While numbers kept rising of those who had died.
We must keep our distance, six feet is a must
We followed advice from the doctors we trust.

Small stores were all closed and workers sent home
The schools were closed too and the teachers alone.
Our families all struggled just to make ends meet
And lines for the food banks stretched all down the street.

We watched and we waited and hoped for good news
That finally our experts had found some new clues.
That cures or a vaccine were now close at hand
And normal could some day return to our land.

So while there is hope the pandemic will end
Let’s all do our part so the curve we can bend.
Stay home, wash our hands, and wear masks when we’re out
We’ll beat this thing yet and of that there’s no doubt.

So stay safe and healthy, help others in need
Keep up your spirits, these are hard times indeed.
Stay strong and remember together we’ll win
And soon things will be back to normal again.

                                                                                     Larry Conrad

April 18, 2020

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