August 9, 2020 Listening Guide & Sermon Link for Tanglewood Community Church – Conquering My Family History Part 6

For those Tanglewood church members that wanted the Listening Guide available before the YouTube Church Sermon or Service on August 9, 2020, see the link below.  Once the Sermon as been delivered, a copy of the Sermon link and Listening Guide will also be placed on Twrtimes under News, Church News, Listening Guide.  The Sermon is also available under News, Church News, Tanglewood Church Sunday Sermons. (Remember Channel 139 is not working)

Listening Guide Conquering My Family History Part 6

Sermon Link for Sunday August 9, 2020      This link will be active after the service

Please note that starting August 16, we begin recording on Sunday during the service.  This means that the link will not be available for until after it as been edited and the video finalized.

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