Destination – da Joisey shore

Since Al Alberts is sort of a Philly guy, maybe you’ve never heard the song he wrote about traveling thru NJ to get to Cape May!  As we made our trek to da shore for 2-3-4 weeks each summer, at some point someone would burst into song and we’d all chime in with the parts we remembered.  We’d be in three cars next to each other with the windows open and singing at the top of our lungs.  A string of towns and their beaches dot the Jersey shoreline and each has its own personality and memories.  Here’s our favorite little ditty for you to enjoy.  Enjoy the audio/video clip.


               On the Way to Cape May….

You looked so very pretty, when we met in Ocean City,
Like someone, oh, so easy to adore.







I sang this little ditty, on our way to Ocean City,
Heading south along New Jersey’s shore.

 On the way to Cape May, I fell in love with you.
On the way to Cape May, I saw my dreams come true.






I was taken by your smile, as we drifted by Sea Isle.
My heart was gone when we reached Avalon.












On the way to Cape May, Stone Harbor’s skies were blue.
We were naming the day when Wildwood came in view.






If you’re gonna be my spouse, we’d better head for that Court House
On the way to Cape May, On the way to Cape May.


Row 1: Wildwood boardwalk, my favorite beach house, daily sand castle fun

Row 2: Cape May Victorian houses, wreck of the concrete ship Atlantus, Lighthouse

Row 3: Sea Isle’s idea of “air conditioning”, entrance to beach, da beach

Row 4: Avalon postcard, dunes on beach, Ahhhh sunset

Row 5: Wildwood view from top of ferris wheel, mist on the beach, huge beach!

Photo credits: personal photos plus:,,,,,,,,,,,


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