An Everlasting Word

Love One Another

The TWRTimes welcomes back Pastor Herb Long and his “Everlasting Word” column.  Look for Pastor Herb’s message twice a month.

“This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.” John 15:12
Jesus gave this commandment while He was with the 11 in the upper room, the night before he was crucified. (Judas had already left the room).
Jesus is the perfect example of loving others!  There is a song that says “What the World needs now is love!”  This is so true today.  But how can we accomplish what Jesus has commanded us to do?
It is one thing to tell people that they should love people, but it is a total different matter when it comes to each of us to love a person who is different from us or has a different opinion than we have.  True love starts with each individual.  I cannot tell another person to love people unless I love people!  I will never be held accountable for how you love me, but I will be held accountable how I love you.
Let us fulfill Jesus’ commandment to love one another by showing respect for each other no matter how different they are from us, or what opinions they have that may be different from our opinions.  Let’s give everyone the right to disagree with us without being disagreeable.  An Everlasting Word!!!

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