Destination – Scary Happenings in Michigan

Witchie Wolves of Omer Plain, MI:

With the limited nightlife available to teens in the rural area around Lake Huron MI,kids would drive around the piney woods and wetlands looking for parties or privacy, In the early 60s it was a rite of passage for male students to pile into a car and drive 20 miles north to the wilderness known as Omer Plains. This area was home to the phenomena known as the Witchie Wolves, invisible spirit dogs that guard the graves of ancient warriors, attacking anyone foolish enough to venture out on foot. Nobody

in our vehicle was brave enough to get out of the car! We could actually hear the hideous, high pitched laughing bark that came out of the total darkness seemingly from all directions. Every now and then someone would take the dare and get out of the car. They would be violently knocked to the ground by what seemed to be an invisible wolf or dog snapping and snarling at the victim’s head. The “brave” one would run screaming and scrambling to get back into the car not waiting to see what else would happen. Tough guys cried! Clothing was torn. Scratches and dents were noticed on car roofs.

Roselawn Thumper:

Back in the summer of 1980, two Michigan boys drove into Roselawn Cemetary where they would “hangout”, drink beer, relax and of course entertain girls. After consuming all the essentials, they proceeded to leave by one of two exit roads. The area was wide open with unobstructed views. Suddenly they heard a tremendous “thump” on top of the car. Confrontation!  We stopped and both jumped out of the car. No damage? No object? And the area clear with a view of 200′ on all sides. As the boys stood talking, one on each side of the car, an even louder, more violent thump hit the roof, causing a depression, and was very loud. It didn’t take long for the boys to get outta Dodge. Always trying to explain things scientifically with logic and reason, this incident defied both.



Source: Weird Michigan, Linda S. Godfrey, Sterling Publishers, 2006

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