Will There Be…?

Will there be the Lip Synch contest this October?  Will there be the Craft Fair in November?

The easy answer is “We don’t know.”

What we will do, however, is to plan for the Lip Synch and Craft Fair, since they take a lot of time and effort.  If at all possible, we will hold these events on the scheduled days.  If the Corona Virus has not abated enough for Tanglewood to feel safe in opening up the Clubhouse, well then, we’ll go to Plan B.  As soon as we devise a Plan B.

The Lip Synch contest is a fund-raiser for the Heartland Food Bank.  Teams of any size register and pay $10.  They choose a song and act it out to recorded music: no singing, no speaking.  Costumes and props are your responsibility.  To register a team and secure your song, email shirlkab@embarqmail.com.  The date for this event, co-sponsored by the Diversions Committee and the RV Club, is October 24.  Your registration fee will be returned if the event is canceled.  All monies collected via admissions, donations, and the 50/50 go to the Heartland Food Bank.

The Craft Fair, now in its 16th year, is scheduled for November 14.  Tables are still available for $5 apiece.  Only residents can buy the tables, but the sale is open to the public.  Contact shirlkab@embarqmail.com  for information or to reserve  a table or two.

Nobody is happy with the situation, especially the uncertainty.  But if at all possible, Diversions will make these fun events happen on the dates scheduled.

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