Another CoVid-19 Tragedy

Who doesn’t love a good parade, especially celebrating our Independence?  All the flag waving, camaraderie, horn honking, decorated golf carts and homes…and yes even our dressed up fur babies.

The usually VERY busy Diversions Committee certainly does and has every year on July 4th. Unfortunately we are in uncertain times with CoVid 19, and added to the fact that all TMAC committee events including committee meetings, have gone dark for the foreseeable future. Parades need planning, especially big parades. (For those unsure what TMAC is….Tanglewood Master Activities Committee which compromises the 26 committees that are volunteer driven, and the beating heart of Tanglewood.) TMAC and HTA work together as a team for our benefit.

Tanglewood Community Manager Darlene Bradley and her team have done an outstanding job and are certainly doing their part so we as a Community are safe. While her recent email release states ‘outdoor’ activities with 50 or less participants WITH Hometown approval may be held (with of course SOCIAL DISTANCING of 6 feet and recommended face covering), this wouldn’t be viable for our Independence Day Parade.

Unfortunately at this time, and with the safety and well being of all our Tanglewood friends in the forefront, the Diversions Committee Independence Day Parade is cancelled. 😥

Let’s all celebrate July 4th with pride….but safely. Be Safe and Be Well!

Bob Larocque,  Diversions Committee Chair

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