Week 4 – TWRTimes Seek and Find Contest

All right!  Are you ready for another week of fun?  This week the contest takes you through BAYSIDE.   We congratulate all the teams who have completed the first three legs of this contest, there will be a little something for you in your pay envelope…

You know the rules:  Follow the clues given below, and write down the address indicated wherever a __________ is given.  When you’re done, add up all the address numbers and send the total to  editor@twrtimes.com  I’ll get back to you with information of whether or not you’re correct.

Remember:  Do not turn unless you’re told to.  Don’t bother the homeowners.  Just have fun.  Here we go:

  1. Enter the neighborhood where the sun always shines.
  2. Joe Frazier or Muhammed Ali__________
  3. Don’t stop here, just listen to the guitar.
  4. Turn South at Ulysses’ summer home__________
  5. The Statler Brothers’ biggest hit, “Counting…”  __________ Turn West
  6. And God placed the Great Lights in the sky to rule the day and the night__________
  7. Left at the Sea Horse.
  8. “Stayin’ Alive, Just Stayin’ Alive”___________
  9. How much is that doggie in the window?__________
  10. Passenger on the U.S.S. Minnow__________
  11. Need some windows?  Stop here__________
  12. Errk!  Back up about 15 feet, turn North..
  13. Remember Spanky and Our Gang?  Turn left there.
  14. Faith and Charity’s best friend__________
  15. First American in Space__________
  16. Head North at the corner.
  17. Let it Snow?  Are you kidding?__________
  18. When you’re smiling the whole world smiles with you.__________
  19. Ramp it up, folks, Ramp it up!__________
  20. End of the road, hang a U-ey.
  21. Observe the Resurrection of the Christ.__________
  22. Take the First Left.
  23. Diogenes the Bunny is looking for an honest man__________
  24. Remember the Gnomes?  They’re back for the Fourth.__________
  25. Look to the North.  Follow your nose.  An address divisible by 7 has a butterfly and a   flower__________
  26. West into forbidden territory, keep moving folks, nothing to see here.
  27. Are you lost yet?  Follow the arrow.
  28. Repeat Clue #1, and then turn South.
  29. There’s a thirsty little boy who needs a bath here.__________
  30. Tobacco or Wrap, your choice.__________
  31. Salute the Flag and you’re done.

The usual disclaimer:  If you find a clue that you feel is deliberately misleading or incorrect, let us know.  Don’t blame us if the homeowner removes a flag or figurine or if the landscaper is parked in the driveway blocking the clue.  Editor.

You can print out the clues using the Print Friendly button at the bottom of the article.



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