How Many Meals!

Submitted by Ruth Barron

Recently I lost a friend to cancer.  She had lived here, was a member of the RV Club, and worked on our Christmas Food Drive for many years.  The best thing I could think to honor her memory was to make a donation to the Heartland Food Bank.  I received a letter from them, and felt you all should know just how many people you are helping when you support the RV Club’s efforts for the Heartland Food Bank.  Their donations are always down in the summer, and they are receiving fewer donations from the stores due to the virus.
I am quoting from their letter:
“Union Congregation Church fed 600 people last week and another 265 vehicles through their drive through.  Living Waters of Christ fed 140 people last week, and a neighbor church provided food to 413 vehicles.  A Sebring Mission prepared 6,212 meals in April and May.  A  Frostproof church fed 266 people Wednesday night, and Emanuel United Church of Christ fed 160 families this week. Highlands Community Church passed out food and water to 165 cars this week.  Fellowship Baptist Church feeds about 350 homeless people monthly and hands out boxes of food every week.

An Avon Park church supplies food to about 200 homeless people regularly and 600 people monthly. Faith Lutheran Church gives out food to between 85 and 100 people every week. Hands for Homeless is now feeding 700 people twice a week, and hands out food for anyone who comes by the other days of the week.  A Wauchula church provides food to 120 families twice a month and serves dinner to 107 people weekly.  The Church of the Nazarene in Sebring feeds 100 families, and provides them with other meals.”

If you add this all up, you will see that they are providing thousands of meals to help the hungry in Highlands County, and giving them boxes of food to take home.  We wanted you to know how much the wonderful residents of Tanglewood helped when we raised money for the Heartland Food Bank this Spring.

We would like to see what we might be able to do to help them between now and our regular Christmas Food Drive to feed the hungry.  We’re working on an idea, but would like your input also as to how we could raise money.
Hunger does not know what day or month is on the calendar.  You can contact Heather Paine, Ruth Barron or Bill & Nancy Mills if you have any ideas that would help us to help them.

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