TWRTimes Summer Contest – Week 5

Well, we’re getting down to the wire now, folks.  This is Week 5 of our Seek and Find contest, and we are taking you into DREAMCATCHER.

This one is trickier than the others.  It was created by Mary Lee Cipriano and her silent but sadistic sidekick who shall remain anonymous so no one torches his house.  Remember the basic rules:  Do Not Turn unless you’re told to do so.  Mind the stop signs, drivers up there take the “19 Miles per Hour” as a joke.  Some of the items you’re looking for are on the small side, or around a corner, so look hard.  Try not to annoy the homeowners, if they don’t know what you’re doing they are missing out on the fun.  Where a _________ is given, that’s where you put your answer.  When you’re done, add up the numbers in the  _______ and send them to

Since this route is harder than the previous ones, if you need a bit more time you can have it.

Print out the clues with the “Print Friendly” button below.

Here goes:


1.  Enter Dreamcatcher with compass or map and calculator, pass a lighthouse and bear left onto Broken Arrow.

2.  Address of 2nd lighthouse. _______

3.  Make a K-turn.

4.  Take 2nd left.

5.  At the stop sign, turn north.

6.  Left at the Price is Right.

7.  Address of Watson’s partner? _______

8.  Of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, the address of the Virgin Mary, divided by 5. __________

9.  Turn north at the next intersection.

10. Head west at the next corner.

11. Address of the Holey Herons, times the number of herons. ________

12. Turn left at the Price is Right.

13. Turn east at the 3rd intersection.

14. Address of the Virgin Mary’s son. __________

15. Turn south at the next intersection.

16. Turn west at the white flamingo.

17. Address of the Dole Plantation. _________

18. Turn right at the next intersection.

19. Take 2nd right.

20. Address of Dorothy and Toto’s friend. ________

21. Address of a famous Civil War general. ________

22. Turn left at the next corner.

23. Turn east at the next corner.

24. Address of the kissing tree. ________

25. Bear right where the fire hydrant and nearby flowers are the same color.

26. Mother duck and babies in a row heading toward which address _______

27. Turn south at the next corner.

28. Turn right into “No Exit”.

29. Double the address of a Louisiana shellfish delicacy. _______

30.  Deep breath.  You’re done.

TOTAL ______  send this number to

Yeah, another disclaimer.  We are not perfect.  If you find a mistake in our clues, let us know.  Occasionally there could be more than one acceptable answer for a clue, we’re pretty easy about that.  –  Editor

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