Recycling to Resume Next Week

Good news for the planet.  Highlands County will resume picking up our recyclables on Friday, July 3.  So if you’ve been using your green bin for extra garbage, yard waste, or a beer cooler, be sure to hose it out now.

What is accepted:
CLEAN steel and aluminum cans.
CLEAN plastic bottles and jars
CLEAN cardboard

Do not put your stuff in plastic garbage bags, just toss it into the bin.


What is NOT accepted:
Pizza boxes
Newspapers or magazines
Any glass
Unwashed jars -peanut butter, mayo, jelly, etc.
Aerosol cans
Any wax-coated carton (Orange juice, milk)
Styrofoam take-out boxes or any styrofoam
Plastic bags of any kind

For more information, call 863-655-0005 or 863-402-6505

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