Why Pray?

…Pray for one another…. James 5:16 ESV

The quote above is just a part of James 5:16. Another, part of the verse says, “the prayer of a righteous person has great power as it is working.” As I write this article my wife is in surgery having a part of her remaining kidney removed because her cancer has returned. All morning and afternoon individuals have been calling and texting me that they are praying for Dorothy. They are doing exactly what James 5:16 says to do. This has given me such peace that there are no words I can write to express it,


1. God has told us to pray for one another.

2. We have access to God through prayer.

3. Nothing is accomplished without prayer.

4. When we pray it shows we believe God can and will help us.

There are many other reasons to pray. But as for me the main reason is that in 53 years as a Christian, I have seen so many prayers answered that can not be explained other than God answered! WHY PRAY, WHY NOT!!!! When you do not pray you short circuit the help you need at critical times in your life. But if you do not believe, do not expect an answer from God.

We all need prayer during at this time because of Coronavirus 19! There is real power when we pray for one another!!   Pray to keep the virus from overrunning Tanglewood.  Pray for those who are already ill.  Pray that those who are unable to be with their stricken loved ones due to isolation. And pray for the eradication of this disease.

An Everlasting Word…













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