Do-It-Yourself Seek & Find, – Tanglewood Circle

This short but tricky challenge was created by Rick Jenckes.  It takes you around (and around and around) Tanglewood Circle and up into the Bash Area.  Any questions or problems with this route should be addressed to Rick, and when you’ve solved it, send him your answer.   Remember, wherever there is a _________, that’s where  a number or word goes.

  1.  Start at the tallest American flag on the Circle.  Go straight up the hill, bear right, and through the hedge.  Stay on the paved path.
  2.   Where the Big Bad Wolf cooked Little Red Riding Hood’s Gramma.__________
  3.   After your meal (you cannibal you, you ate Gramma?) you will need a nap.  Go up to the hotel with the color in its name.______________
  4.   Go around the Circle until you find the rake-ishly handsome steps.  How many benches to sit on?__________
  5.   Make a U turn and find the bossy lady (play on words).__________
  6.   Find the house with no steps in front.__________
  7.   Make another U turn and find Superman at work.__________
  8.   Keep going and find Mickey and Minnie relaxing in the shade.__________
  9.   Continue straight and find the healthy horse’s hitching post__________
  10.   Go straight ahead.  Find the three-wheeled Penny Farthing.__________
  11.   Full speed ahead and find the sign that says “Do Not Block Entrance” (entrance to nowhere)
  12.   Continue on your way and find a boy leaping over a hydrant.__________
  13.   You’re going the correct way until you find the hand-pumped, 3 bucket fountain__________
  14.   Make another U turn and go find the faded fox.__________
  15.   Did you find the 9 starfish?__________
  16.   Congratulations!  You made it!

Now add up all the numbers and send the total to

Editor’s Note:  Remember, I had nothing to do with this one.  If you get confused with all the U-turns, just keep going around and around until you find everything.

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