Sophie’s Cafe – The New Kid in Town

Today we enjoyed lunch at Sophie’s Cafe, located at 120 Sebring Square in the Goodwill Plaza, behind McDonalds.
I will confess, being from the Heartland, Puerto Rican and Cuban food is very new to me. Sophie’s offers several traditional American sandwiches along with their extensive ethnic offerings.
The classic ham and cheese was a pared down version of a traditional Cuban sandwich having just ham, Swiss, mustard and mayonnaise, all pressed in some delicious Cuban bread.  It made for a filling lunch.  We even brought 1/2 home to enjoy tomorrow.  Add salami, sliced pork and pickles and you can have the Traditional  Cuban.  To that we had a batch of freshly made French fries, a ham croquette, mashed potato balls, and one beef and one ham and cheese empanada just to get our feet wet with their offerings.
The appetizers are made in house a small batch at a time and kept in a warmer until ordered.  The sandwich and fries were made to order.
We definitely will go back to Sophie’s but probably not until we’re further out of the woods with this COVID ordeal.   The workers  do not wear masks and there was heavy carry out traffic with most of those people also not wearing masks.  The other observation that was a negative for us was the poor attempt of positioning the tables for social distancing.  A few were okay, but 4-5 of them were not included in that set up and were very close together.
On the plus side the restaurant is very clean and simple.  Service was quick, the menu offers both breakfast, lunch, a few traditional desserts and everything is very reasonably priced in my opinion, especially for the portion size.  They are open daily 6 am – 4 pm MondaySaturday.

Breakfast entrees include various combinations of eggs and meat, French Toast, burritos, and steak and eggs, all in the $5.50 – $8.50 range.  Breakfast sandwiches  include croissants, egg, ham & cheese, egg & turkey, and a Cuban Wake-up Sandwich with sausage, cheese, and scrambled eggs served on their wonderful Cuban bread, all ranging from $5.50 – $7.75.  There are several types of coffee, smoothies and cold drinks.

Lunch entrees and sandwiches are heavy on the pork and chicken, with some steak dishes as well.  Most of the entrees include rice, beans, and plantains.  Entrees range in price from $7.75 for chicken fajitas to $9.50 for palomilla steak.

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