Tanglewood Helps Again!

Written by Ruth Barron
The Heartland Food Bank always has less donations in the summer months of July and August.  This year due to this terrible virus they have more people coming to them for food.  Some have lost their jobs, others are working less hours, and are finding it very difficult to feed their families.  The need is increasing but the donations are down.
The RV Club decided to see if we could raise some money to help them through the summer.  The “JAR” went out in the Mills’ driveway for two weeks ending yesterday.  
When we put out the call for help, Tanglewood residents answered the call.  We’re very pleased to tell you that WILL BE DONATING $2,700 TO THE HEARTLAND FOOD BANK.  Many thanks to all the caring residents who helped us to help the Heartland Food Bank feed the hungry. May God bless you all, and stay well.
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