Answered Prayer!

“In my distress I called to the Lord, and He answered me.” Psalm 120:1 ESV

In my last article I wrote on “Why Pray.” Now let us look at answered prayer. According to Psalm 120:1 a believer in distress calls on the Lord. This indicates the believer has faith that God can help him. If a person does not believe that God can help him, then his prayer is without faith, therefore it will not be answered! The believer calls out and expects God to answer!

An answered prayer! Last week my wife had a profoundly serious kidney operation due to cancer. Two years ago, her right kidney was totally removed because of cancer. This time only a part of her remaining kidney was removed. The doctor could not do the operation as he would like to do it because of massive scar tissue from the previous surgery. He was going to have to operate without being able to physically see the area where the tumor was located. Prayers were being lifted to the Lord for her from coast to coast and the area in between!

God heard our prayers of faith. After almost 5 hours the doctor called me to tell me how successful her operation went. He was incredibly pleased with the outcome. Importantly her remaining part of kidney is working well!! An answered prayer to a distressful cry for a loved wife to a faithful God!!! An Everlasting Word!!!!

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