Announcement: Clubhouse Hurricane Supplies

What to Bring

Clubhouse Shelter Supplies
Disaster Supply Kit if going to Tanglewood Hurricane Shelter
Preparing your supply kit now will make your life much easier when an emergency, any emergency, occurs. You should plan on supplies for 24 -48 hours and keep your supplies in a back-pack, duffel bag, suitcase, or other easy to carry storage device. They must be able to fit underneath the pool lawn chairs or where ever your temporary lawn chair is located.
Suggested Items:
1. WATER Top priority. (Plan for 24 hours stay)
    a. Store at least one gallon per person per day for the items below:
    b. In addition to drinking, Brush teeth, wash hands, other hygiene activities
2. Hygiene Items
    a. Toothbrush, toothpaste, wash cloth, towel, eye glasses/container, false teeth container
3. Bedding: Pillow, Blanket or sheet
4. Beverages – No alcohol please, Only bottled water, coke, etc. cans or plastic containers
5. Ice Chest-Cooler to keep your food in protective container
6. Snack Items: Crackers/cookies/candy
7. Energy and granola bars, Bread in moisture proof containers/ premade sandwiches
8. Battery powered flashlights, Battery powered radio
9. Extra batteries Know what size to buy (AA, AAA– Candles, C&D – Flashlights)
10. Important papers (keep a copy with your belongings)
      a. Proof of residence (water tight containers)
      b. Name and address of nearest living relative
      c. Doctors and Pharmacy names, address, phone #
14. One Complete change of clothing
15. Optional Items: Cards, Dominos, etc. Cell phone and chargers/adapters
16. Cell phone chargers and adapters
17. Pet supplies
      a. Water, food, and medicine (see Pet Shelter List)
18. Stationery items (optional) – Pens, markers, paper, Bible
19. You may bring an outdoor lounge chair if you haven’t reserved a pool chair during pre-       registration. This outdoor chair must be no larger than the pool chairs, and with space         underneath to store a small cooler for your food/water for 24 hours
20. Blow up beds are permitted but limited in number due to space.
21. No crock pots or hot plates. Or any type of furniture.
22. No smoking inside the building.

If you choose to stay at the Clubhouse for Hurricane Shelter, please click on the link below to register. 

Hurricane Registration Link:

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Pam Batey

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