My Word! September 14

When this one came up on the random word generator I really wanted to use it (supposedly means assigning little or no value), but three dictionaries didn’t have it, so you are stuck with:
A small flute or recorder; an organ flute stop of 2′ pitch or 4′ pitch with a soft tone
Derived from the diminutive form of the Italian word for flute, flauto.
Sally drove her parents crazy by playing “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star” over and over again on her flautino.

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Betsey Ellis

Betsey is a recovering agent of Satan (.i.e. a legal professional) now working towards a lifetime goal of becoming a perfectly sane cat lady, medieval clothing designer, and occasional playwright. Maybe even finish my doctorate.....nyah, probably not, who needs another expert in Elizabethan Law and its effect on the growth of the middle class.