Vote in November

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past four years, you know that there is a very important election coming on November 3.

Are you registered in Highlands County?  You have until Monday, October 5 to register or to change your party affiliation.  This can be done online, or at the Supervisor of Elections Office at 580 South Commerce Avenue, downtown.  Google Supervisor of Elections Highlands Co to access the website.

You can also order a Vote By Mail ballot online or by phone if you choose to go that route.  However, I have been a poll worker for 12 years now, and can assure you of this:  We wipe down everything after each voter.  We workers all wear masks or face shields.  We wipe down the styluses, the pens in the voting kiosks, the door handles, and the machine that tabulates your completed ballot.  You are safer from CoVid 19 at a Highlands County Precinct than you are at Publix or Walgreens.  You really don’t have to be afraid to come vote in person.  And we make sure you stay six feet away from anyone you didn’t come in with.

But it’s your choice, of course.  If you do get a Mail in Ballot and decide to not mail it, but rather come vote in person, bring that mail ballot with you so it can be cancelled.  Otherwise there will be a delay while we call downtown to check if you had already voted.

And while I have your attention:  Don’t even think about trying to vote twice.  It’s a federal crime and a felony.

For answers to all your voting questions, call the Supervisor of Elections office at 863-402-6655.

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