Anyone in the GYM??

It makes my heart happy to see so many people out and about during the day, walking, riding their bikes, exercising in the pool.  But while the lower half our bodies are getting a good workout, we can’t afford to ignore the upper half of our bodies.  Yes, we need strong legs to keep us moving, but we need a strong core and arms to keep us upright.  This is where the gym comes in.

It is difficult to keep your upper body strong at home.  Come on down to the gym and use the free weights.  There are machines that will help you do sit ups correctly, strengthening your abdomen.  There are machines to help with mobility issues, you can stretch your shoulders in all kinds of directions!  There’s even a machine that strengthens your back.

For those of us who have given up bike riding for safety reasons, there are stationary bikes.  Who knew you could read a book while logging in a couple miles.  There are machines for strengthening your ankles, knees and hips.

For such a small room, our gym really packs a lot into it.  And yes, there’s still social distancing, limited hours, and extra cleaning.

Like I said, it does my heart good to see so many people moving, now do your heart good by being part of the group.


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