Welcome, New Residents !

Attention New Residents!

It has come to the Welcome Committee’s attention that a new form is in use when you buy your home.  The form asks you if it is okay to share information with the Welcome Committee and a select few others.  If you have marked that form “No”, we will not be receiving your contact information and cannot welcome you to Tanglewood in the manner which has been established.

We would love to be able to contact  you.   We have a lot of information about Tanglewood, its activities, contact information for local businesses, and the area in general.  If you are a new resident who has checked the “Do not share” box and would like to be contacted, please contact Sue Vollmuth, Welcome Committee chairman, by text at 810 252 5415, or email at sives@att.net.  Looking forward to hearing from and being able to welcome all the newcomers.

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