Christmas Food Drive From November 17 through December 4.

The RV Club has sponsored the Tanglewood Christmas Food Drive for 18 years. We donate the money to the Heartland Food Bank so they can give many needy families in Highlands County a Christmas meal.

This pandemic finds them feeding more and more families, some wondering how they will eat. Hunger does not know the day of the week or what month it is. Data is coming out now that we will see hunger numbers this holiday season that we have not seen since the Great Depression. The cost for the increased demand for food to the Food Bank is huge.

We have not been able to do the many activities that helped us to raise money for the Christmas Food Drive because of the virus. We are hoping that the generous residents of Tanglewood will help us to raise money for Christmas to help the Heartland Food Bank. Please write a check payable to the Heartland Food Bank, and bring it to the Palmer’s home at 2604 Lazy Days Lane in Bayside, or to Ruth Barron at 517 Wilderness Circle. There will be a jar at each address. You can put the check in the jar, and we can all practice social distancing. The jar will be out from 9AM to 5 PM. The only time the jar will not be out is if we are out shopping or at a doctor. However, you can deliver your check to either address.

If you wish you can also mail a check to either address to arrive by Dec. 4th.  We would like to collect the checks payable to the Heartland Food Bank beginning Tuesday,Nov. 17th through Dec. 4th at which time we will get them to the Food Bank so they will have time to get all the food they need. We are all so blessed, and have plenty to eat. 

Please consider giving to those who don’t by donating to our local Food Bank that does so much to support hunger in our county.

Ruth Barron, Tanglewood RV Club

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