Thankful Reflections

Thankful Reflections (Philippians 1:1-6)

Introduction: As we approach thanksgiving this week we have to admit 2020 has been one tough year! We have all seen many ups and downs. To be honest, being a Christian doesn’t make us immune to this. However, one of the greatest keys to spiritual victory is being thankful for the reflections that remind us God was good and faithful in the past and we can expect Him to be in our present situations and in the future.  Our text today comes from a letter Paul wrote to a church during a difficult time in his life and theirs. Paul was being held prisoner in Rome and had been for two years when he writes this letter full of thankfulness, joy and encouragement to the church at Philippi. The church at Philippi was experiencing numerous challenges, but Paul wrote to remind them that circumstances do not have to control them (any more than they do us). With a heart full of love and joy and gladness Paul wrote this letter to this church. This letter and its message are both practical in application and powerful in inspiration as it reminds us we too have some thankful reflections. What things Paul was thankful to reflect on is what we can be thankful to reflect on too.

Conclusion: Even though like Paul and this church, we are going through some tough times and coming to the end of what has been a tough year, this Thanksgiving….What things Paul was thankful to reflect on is what we can be thankful to reflect on too.

  • Our God given relationships with fellow servants.
  • Our strength found in God’s rich rewards of grace and peace.
  • Encouraged by our recollections of God’s goodness through the years of service to him. And…
  • Empowered by His gracious revelation – he will finish what He has started in and through us!

Let’s be thankful we have these things to reflect on this year.

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Sermon November 22, 2020 Thankful Relections

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