Happy Thanksgiving to All Residents

As we head into the Thanksgiving holiday, we want to take a moment to express our thanks for your continued trust and support of the Hometown team and our Tanglewood community.

The last nine months have presented all of us with challenges we could have never expected. Your cooperation and understanding have made our jobs easier, as we’ve worked to balance the safety of our residents and team members with the high standard of living our communities afford.

We know it has not been easy to stay home, and away from friends and family, but we sincerely appreciate your continued efforts to keep your fellow residents and Hometown team members safe. With your help, we have succeeded in minimizing the spread of the virus within all of our communities across the country. None are considered hot spots, and we attribute this to your commitment to follow the protocols and guidelines we’ve put in place.

We have a challenging winter ahead of us, with another surge of COVID-19 hitting almost every state across the country. Infections aren’t just happening at big gatherings, but also as people let their guard down while going about their daily routines. This will require us to continue to be vigilant about health and safety protocols in the months ahead.

This Thanksgiving, the tables may be smaller, but the gratitude is even bigger. Thank you for everything you’re doing to make Tanglewood community a safe, healthy place to live.

We hope you take some time to experience the simple joys of the season, and we wish you and your loved ones a happy Thanksgiving. ~The Hometown America Family

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