“Soup’s On” Update

Thank you to all those that supported the Helping Hands fundraiser benefiting the Second Saturday Meals which we prepare and serve at Hands for Homeless in Avon Park.

Ironically, the soups orders ran neck and neck with 47 quarts of chicken noodle, 44 quarts vegetable, and 46 quarts of potato soup and 46 quarts of salad sold.  Oatmeal cookies were the most popular order with 74 and 60 for the chocolate chunk AND there were 31 orders for the chocolate dipped pretzels!!

Cooking all this soup was no small task!  Anyone who cooks usually wants to err on the side of too much rather than not enough.  With that being said, we were able to donate 5 gallons of vegetable soup and 6 gallons of chicken and noodle soup to Chef Jacob at Hands for Homeless.  He will be using the soups this week on Tuesday and Thursday. We’re always looking to pay it forward and feel good about this donation going to them.

Since there was an overwhelming response to the fundraiser, it was decided to donate $500 to the building fund for Hands for Homeless.  We will retain the remainder to use in the upcoming months to purchase food for the Second Saturday Meal.  We anticipate the funds will carry us to July.  This means we have the opportunity to serve approximately 150 meals to those that are affected by food insecurities, once a month, for at least four months!!   We will continue to reach out to the bakers in the community to provide fresh baked items each month.

We post on NEXTDOOR each month about 2 weeks prior to the Second Saturday Meal.  This shares what baked items are needed that month and it also gives you the opportunity to sign up to serve the day of the meal for 3-4 hours.

We appreciate the countless volunteers that help us out each month.  Whether you donate to the monthly Tuesday food drive, participate in fund raisers, volunteer your time of serving in person or behind the scenes, or baking at home, TOGETHER we are ALL making a difference!!


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