My Word! March 29

1: lacking congruity: such as
a: not harmonious
b: not conforming
c: inconsistent within itself
d: lacking propriety

The roller coaster was an incongruous sight at the Renaissance Fair.
Incongruous is a spin-off of its antonym, congruous, which means “in agreement, harmony, or correspondence.” Both words trace to the Latin verb congruere, meaning “to come together” or “to agree.” The first known use of congruous in English dates back to 1599. Incongruous shows up twelve years later in 1611.

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Betsey Ellis

Betsey is a recovering agent of Satan (.i.e. a legal professional) now working towards a lifetime goal of becoming a perfectly sane cat lady, medieval clothing designer, and occasional playwright. Maybe even finish my doctorate.....nyah, probably not, who needs another expert in Elizabethan Law and its effect on the growth of the middle class.