Meet And Greet – Willie Latz

Hi! I’m Willie!

Man’s best friend. They are part of us and our family, we love them like our kids. We are their world and through thick and thin they are there for us. They love us as we love them each and everyday. Here at the Tanglewood Resident Times we thought it might be nice to introduce a new feature highlighting some of our dogs within the Tanglewood Community and their loving and dedicated Owners.

This is the first installment in our meet and greet feature.  I thought a perfect start would be with Alan and Ann Latz, long time seasonal residents of Tanglewood, and their gorgeous 3 1/2 year old Standard Poodle Willie. What a wonderful couple and an equally wonderful dog. Willie quickly brought a smile to my face with his super friendly social interactions with me…..well ok maybe I offered a couple treats to help, but I now LOVE Standard Poodles! (Fun Fact… Alan and Ann do their own grooming of Willie, very impressive!  Maybe I should have gotten a trim while I was there hmmm)

Ann sent along a very nice story with her info to me, fitting that it is shared….enjoy!

Willie is the third of our standard poodles that have lived in Tanglewood six months out of each year since 2000.  We have loved them all, but this one is extra special – a lovable clown who entertains us from morning to night.  He is three and a half now.  When he first came here, he was only three months but strong and fast. We had just lost our 13-year-old well-trained poodle and it took me a while to realize that I could not walk this lively puppy like I walked an old trained dog.  That year I broke four bones being stupid while Willie acquired a bad reputation at the ER.

Nowadays walking Willie is a joy.  He could almost be a guide dog.  He hears/smells/sees (?) a golf cart or a car much before I do and always pulls me off the road and sits down.  Emergency vehicle sirens worry him.  He is likely to sit down, put his chin up, and howl like a coyote in harmony with the siren.  There are many lovable and funny things he does like sitting on a person’s feet when he does not want them to leave.  However, he has a very naughty, dangerous habit to run. When loose outside, the game is on.  He runs like the wind and will be a block away before you can blink an eye.  Once he chased a black Jeep out the back gate.  He was running in circles around it and the guy driving the Jeep was laughing.  Alan was frantically chasing in the golf cart.  Willie crossed Schumacher and started toward Walmart.  Then he spotted a little dog inside a fence at the corner and, thank God, turned around to investigate.

Sadly, our fun times at Tanglewood will come to an end on March 30th.  After 21 wonderful seasons here we will be staying in

Can I drive?

our home in Northern Illinois year round.  Willie won’t be able to keep an eye on all the exciting people, dogs, carts, and cars that pass by our kitchen window all day.  He will miss his twice-a-day cart rides and three-times-a-day walks along Tanglewood Parkway.  My conservative estimate is that I have walked over 10,000 miles with the three dogs on that route.   I want to thank all the friendly dog walkers for the lovely memories.  And I cannot forget to thank Karen Kirk for neatly folding and saving newspaper sleeves for us for 21 years (!!!!!!) so we could clean up after ourselves.

Ann and Alan Latz

*** My special thanks to Alan, Ann and Willie for such a friendly welcome, and sharing your story of Willie. It was very enjoyable spending time with you and we all wish you the best in your next chapter.

This will be a weekly feature, if you are interested in introducing and sharing your dog with your Tanglewood friends, send me an email for info and we can set up a day/time to meet. Care to share a story? By all means send it along.


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