Meet & Greet – Roxy Sollers

Roxy and a friend

In our second installment of Tangle Woofers, the doggie trail takes us into the Wildflower section of Tanglewood where we paid a visit with Sherry and Leon Sollers, and their super cute chihuahua/terrier, Roxy. This lil gal is a darling, and what a wonderful visit I had with this friendly couple, talking about their cutie pie. Make sure you wave a paw when you see them out and about.

(Fun Fact…Sherry and Leon don’t need a door bell. Roxy lets them know whenever someone is at the door, which I can certainly attest to.) 

Of course after greeting a visitor at the door and a job well done, she is off for a quick nap. Roxy might be on to something here, hmmm…..

Sherry sent along their story about Roxy, do enjoy!

 Roxy is one of the sweetest dogs, and she is never farther than a foot away from us.  A little over a year ago I asked Leon if we could go to the Sebring Humane Society and check out the dogs, since we had been caring for a friend’s dog over the summer while she was recuperating.  I decided we should have our own bundle of joy .

Roxy had been loose and running around Avon Park for a while when someone thankfully picked her up and took her to the Humane Society. We were fortunate enough to get there the next day and saw her.  Even though she was chipped the owner could not be found.  So we brought her home and quickly realized how well trained this sweet girl was.  She is 7 1/2 years old and seems to understand everything we say. She definitely knows when we will be getting in the car or the golf cart, and she is a wonderful traveler.  Trying to eat a snack without her knowing is impossible.

Since we have been staying around the house during the Pandemic she has been a

The Sollers family

great source of entertainment, and is not bashful about wanting to go out for a walk or a trip to the park.  There are really only two things that get her upset, Bikes AND Squirrels, of course living in Tanglewood there is no shortage of Squirrels, they seem to sit in our yard and torment her. I think I saw one of them wave to her the other day!

We look forward to many more years with her as she keeps us young and healthy.

Sherry and Leon Sollers

*** A special thanks to Sherry and Leon for sharing their story and time with me for Tangle Woofers. I really enjoyed the visit with you both and Roxy. Your love for her is definitely returned!

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Always consider the Humane Society or other shelter as an option when adding a furry baby to your family. They will love you for it.  🐶 


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