Meet & Greet- Max Pelletier

The Pelletier Family

This edition of Tangle Woofers we head over to Antelope Drive and meet up with super friendly, long time residents (and friends), Nelson and Pam Pelletier and Max, their pride and joy. Max is a cutie and one smart cookie…..Max had ME trained in no time! Make sure to wave a paw when you see Max out making his rounds.

(Fun Fact…At the shelter his original name was Snax ūüė≥ but Nelson & Pam made the change to Max!)
Pam sent along their story to share, do enjoy!
We lost our beloved Mikko in 2019, and had no intention of getting another dog until we saw him on the H.A.L.O. No-Kill Rescue website.  We fell in love with him. After sending in our application for him, we called and found out he had already been adopted and we were a little heart broken.  To our surprise the next morning we received a call that he was brought back to the shelter! We went to the Rescue on the East coast to meet him. When they brought in Max he ran right to Nelson and the adoption was done. They told us he did not like it there and tried to dig under the fence. He was mostly orange and it took about 3 baths to get him to his true colors, white and gray.
Max is a Havanese/Shih Tzu mix and is 7 years old. He keeps watch all day. If golf carts, people walking, bikes, you name it, he’ll bark as though he wants to eat them up. We have found all he wants to do is go out and¬†say hi. On walks, he wants to meet everyone and every other dog. If a golf cart stops, he thinks they¬†want to take him for a ride. He has separation issues and we think he must have had some kind of¬†trauma in his past. We are working on that. He has to be in the same room or right next to us at all¬†times and especially with Nelson. Max follows him everywhere and I mean everywhere.

Come home soon, I miss you so much

Max’s best buddies are Bob and Bartley. When they come to our home Max has to go out and greet¬†them and as soon as they are in the house, he waits for Bob to give him a treat. If we go to their house¬†Max knows the turn when we go down their street and starts to get excited. When we arrive, he jumps¬†off the golf cart runs in the house and then to the where they keep his treats. He keeps everyone
We feel very fortunate to have Max in our lives and will love and care for him all his days. He is a love¬†and a joy to be around. We could be gone for 5 minutes or hours and he greets us as though it’s been days. There is nothing like a dog‚Äôs unconditional love!
***A big Thank You to Nelson and Pam for taking the time and sharing their story about Max. As always please consider an animal shelter as an option when looking to add a furry member to your household, they will love you for it! ūüź∂
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