Meet & Greet – Gracie and Maggie

Sonia, Sandy and the Girls

This week Tangle Woofers heads back into Wildflower to Sunflower Circle where I met up with friends (and neighbors) Sonia Cassell and Sandy Sheets, and their 2 adorable miniature dachshunds Gracie (16) and Maggie (14). You can’t help but smile when you spend time with Sandy and Sonia and their laid back lil ladies who just happen to love napping in the Florida sun (hmmm….we can all relate right?) Make sure to wave a paw when you see Sonia & Sandy out with the girls!

(FUN FACT…..Maggie loves to lick everyone, I mean really…lick,lick,lick)

Sandy sent us their story to share of Gracie and Maggie, whose nicknames are Gracie Pie and Maggie Moo…….

Gracie came to live with Sonia and Sandy as a five year old rescue.  They found her at an adoption event in Huntington, Indiana.  She has some trust issues because her previous life was kind of hard, but that is all behind her now!  She loves to sit in the recliner with Sonia!  She’s also very good at using her doggie door and goes in and out all day long!

Maggie was born in Tennessee on Valentine’s Day in 2007.  She came home with Sonia

These smell good!

and Sandy when she was a tiny puppy. She makes friends quickly and loves to lick everyone.

They really like to go for car rides and are great travelers on our trips between Indiana and Florida.  They prefer Florida because they “don’t do snow”.  Since they are older girls they sleep a lot and have beds in almost every room.  They don’t really snore much, but they do dream big!

*A Big Thank You to Sonia and Sandy for sharing their story of Gracie and Maggie with our readers on Tangle Woofers. 

Please when looking to add a furry addition to your home consider the Humane Society or shelter, when making your decision. They will love you for it! 🐶

Tangle Woofers is a weekly feature, if you would like to share your story please contact me at and we can set up a time to meet.

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