Vaccination Clinic Helps 100

Some people were disappointed that the Covid-19 vaccine wasn’t the one-shot Johnson & Johnson, but the Pfizer instead.  Well, you get what’s offered.  There was some problem with the delivery of the J&J, so the other vaccine was substituted. It’s reputed to have a higher efficiency rate anyway.

But the mini-clinic was run very well.  There were chairs outdoors for those waiting.  There were three people doing the paperwork and three more administrating the medicine.  There was a comfortable and cool waiting room for the mandatory 15 minute rest period.  (Editor’s note:  We got our shots at the Avon Park WalMart 2 weeks ago, and they didn’t have any of these amenities.)

By the end of the day, just over 100 people were vaccinated.  When the clinicians return, we will notify those of you who need a second shot.  Major kudos to Darlene and Hometown America for this service.

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