Many People in Highlands County Still Need Food!!!

Written by Ruth Barron
One year ago the pandemic hit our country.  Highlands County was hit hard with people out of work who were unable to pay the rent or mortgage, and needed help feeding their families.  The RV Club decided that we were going to do a special Food Drive to raise money for the Heartland Food Bank. In addition to giving out food, our Food Bank also supplies many of the churches and organizations in the county that give out boxes of food or prepare cooked meals for the needy. 
We thought after a year this would all be over, but unfortunately it is ongoing.  The winter months are usually a good time for the Food Bank to raise money, but this year there has been a shortage of snow birds so donations are down.  We’re also getting close to the time that people will be heading north for the summer.
Last year Heather Paine, Ruth Barron, Bill & Nancy Mills, and Howie and Lynda Palmer got together, and asked our generous Tanglewood residents to help us raise money for the Heartland Food Bank.  We are asking you to help again this year by writing a check payable to the Heartland Food Bank, and putting it in the donation jar at the Mills home at 2616 Lazy Days Lane.  The jar will be out every day from April 2 to April 16 unless they are shopping or off to a doctor appointment.  If you would prefer, or if you are going north before that time, you can also mail a check to them at that address.  This year Deb Gitro has also volunteered to put out a jar at her house to help us raise money.  She lives at 2825 Whistle Stop.  We thank her for offering to help us to feed the needy in Highlands County.
Most of us have received the third stimulus payment, and we hope that you will find it in your heart to help us feed the hungry by Paying it Forward.
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