Announcement: Tanglewood Monthly Activities and Events Schedule April 2021

Join us for Our Modified Monday Coffee in the Bash Area at 10:00 am on Monday, April 5th. Remember to bring your own coffee, and an individually wrapped muffin will be provided. Social distancing and mask required.

Monthly Activities and Events Schedule April 2021

Friday, 2nd GOOD FRIDAY—Tanglewood Business & Activities Offices CLOSED
Monday, 5th Last Modified Coffee of the Season – 10:00 am, Bash Area
Saturday, 10th Dance—Paisley Craze – 5:00 pm, Bash Area
Tuesday, 13th Tuesday Food Drive 
Wednesday, 14th Street Dance – 2:00-5:00 pm Bash Area
Friday, 16th Picnic in the Park—12:00 noon, Upper Pool Veranda
Wednesday, 21st TMAC Meeting – 3:00 pm Upper Pool Veranda
Saturday, 24th Murder Mystery – 7:00pm, Bash Area


Our April showers are bringing the May flowers here at Tanglewood. Unfortunately, they’re also bringing “goodbyes” from our northern friends for the summer.

As you begin the preparation for the long drive north, please remember to secure all loose items outside of your home, including waste and recycling bins. Your bins should be stored inside your shed for the summer.

Our summer storms can come up with little notice and high winds, so we encourage you to do your part in keeping us all safe during your absence. There is a list you can print for tips on closing your house for the summer located at

For our year-round friends, we’re looking forward to spending the summer with you! Don’t forget to check out and the Tanglewood Facebook page to keep up to date on what’s happening in Tanglewood.

The Business and Activities offices will be closed on Friday, April 2nd, in observance of Good Friday.

I wish each of you a Blessed Easter.

Have you looked longingly at your neighbor’s “Home of the Month” sign and coveted winning it yourself? Perhaps you can! Here is a list that will make your home stand out.

  1. Siding should be clean and free of mold.
  2. Lawn should be mowed and flower beds free of weeds.
  3. Shrubbery and flower beds should be trimmed and neat.
  4. Trees should not have dead or brown branches.
  5. General appearance of carport and front should be clean & neat.

The Beautification Recognition is at the home of Dale and Georgeann Hardesty, 1931 Sunflower.

This beautiful yard and well-groomed home is appreciated by all our residents. The judging includes a well maintained yard, clean exterior of the home, as well as maintained plants and shrubs.

Each month we will recognize a home with beautifully maintained yard. The Award sign will be in the yard for one month. A resident committee chooses a yard each month, and there are several guidelines they must follow.

MODIFIED STREET DANCE, April 14th, 2-5pm – Street Dance featuring Tanglewood’s own, Joyce Boivin.

Come out and drink, dance, and have a blast as we party hardy in the Bash area. Please note this is a modified Street Dance so we will just stay in the Bash Area the entire time.

Mask are required when waiting in line for beer and sodas and when you are within 6 feet of someone who does not live in your household. All staff serving beer and sodas will wear gloves and a mask and will maintain a 6 foot social distance.


  • Saturday, April 10, 2021, 5-8 pm, Bash Area.
  • Purchase Tickets from Larry Weix 920-217-3969, Sharon Gilmore 765-621-2862 and Joe Frohwitter 863-451-5915.
  • 50/50 Proceeds to Hope Haven Transitional Housing run by Leslie Behm.
  • Rain Date is Friday April 16th, 5-8 pm Bash Area.

Broadway Lights would like to invite all the residents of Tanglewood to their murder mystery, being held on April 24th in the Bash Area. The performance starts at 7:00 but we encourage you to arrive around 6:30.

Please see the Shady Hollow trailer park invitation.

Miss Louella Deville, owner of the Shady Hollow trailer park would like to invite the parishioners from the Church Of What’s Happening Now to their annual Bar B Q.

She states the following:
Ya All bein invited 2 r annual Bar B Q at the Shady Hollow Trailer Park. We wil b wearin our Satday best. Ginny Badhare will b a furnishin her weiness but som of u others wil hav 2 bring som two as ther ain’t goin 2 b enuf.

Mis Suzy sad she b givin her famus bak rubs to the men.Missy Ann b bringin toot beans from The Know It All Cafe.We need mor food and lotsa beer.

Tickets are now on sale for $5.00. You can stop by 2125 Bayside Drive or call 863.273-6983. Tickets will also be sold the night of the performance. Bring your favorite beverage and snacks. I also encourage you to bring your phones and/or a small flashlight.

The residents from Shady Hollow are illiterate, ill tempered and intoxicated.

This is an interactive evening of pure fun. Sheriff Miranda Rights needs your assistance in helping to solve the crime of who dunnit. Shady Hollow has never been a quiet trailer park; but now – oh my goodness!

You don’t want to miss this one. If you have not had a good belly laugh lately, well, this is your cure.

We look forward to seeing on April 24th.


  • SATURDAY, MAY 1, 2021
  • 11AM TO 7PM

Sponsored by Jay and Robin Etherton. Details to follow.

One year ago the pandemic hit our country. Highlands County was hit hard with people out of work who were unable to pay the rent or mortgage, and needed help feeding their families.

The RV Club decided that we were to do a special Food Drive to raise money for the Heartland Food Bank.

In addition to giving out food, our Food Bank also supplies many of the churches organizations in the county that give out boxes of food or prepare cooked meals for the needy. We thought after a year this would all be over, but unfortunately it is ongoing.

The winter months are usually a good time for the Food Bank to raise money, but this year there has been a shortage of snow birds so donations are down. We’re also getting close to the time that people will be heading north for the summer.

Last year Heather Paine, Ruth Barron, Bill & Nancy Mills, and Howie and Lynda Palmer got together, and asked our generous Tanglewood residents to help us raise money for the Heartland Food Bank. We are asking you to help again this year by writing a check payable to the Heartland Food Bank, and putting it in the donation jar at the Mills home at 2616 Lazy Days Lane.

The jar will be out every day from April 2 to April 16 unless they are shopping or off to a doctor appointment. If you would prefer, or if you are going north before that time, you can also mail a check to them at that address.

This year Deb Gitro has also volunteered to put out a jar at her house to help us raise money. She lives at 2825 Whistle Stop. We thank her for offering to help us to feed the needy in Highlands County.

Most of us have received the third stimulus payment, and we hope that you will find it in your heart to help us feed the hungry by Paying it Forward.

Written and submitted by Ruth Barron

As a fund raiser for the Outdoor Decorating Committee we are selling Tanglewood License Plate Tags.

As you all know, this past year has been very difficult for all of us, and due to Covid-19 The Outdoor Decorating Committee was not able to do some of our fundraising events. We came up with this idea to help raise money so that we can continue to make Light up Tanglewood bigger and better than ever before.

The license plates are $10.00 a piece and can be purchased from the following people.
Jan @ 616-901-4268
Irene @ 440-487-6604
Phil @ 231-740-9113

All proceeds from tag sales will go right back into our Tanglewood Community.

We appreciate all of your support over the years, and hope we can continue to help beautify our community.

Join us for Our Last Modified Monday Coffee of the season. We will be in the Bash Area at 10:00 am on Monday, April 5th. Remember to bring your own coffee, and an individually wrapped muffin will be provided. Social distancing and mask are required.

We will be holding our April TMAC meeting on Wednesday, April 21st at 3:00 pm on the Upper Pool Veranda.

TMAC is currently seeking a Treasurer that will train under our current Treasurer for 1 year to take over when she retires. If you are interested please contact Sharon Gilmore.


  • For a casual lunch together
  • Date: Friday, April 16th
  • Time: 12 Noon
  • Place: Upper Veranda

Let’s say hello to our new residents!

Being an optimist by heart, we are going to go ahead and plan for a Craft and Hobby Fair on November 13.

This will be entirely dependent on whether or not the Clubhouse will be fully open for outsiders for sales.

Watch the TWRTimes for when and where the tables will be sold.

If the Fair is canceled again, your money will be refunded.

Shirley Kabet

The Second Tuesday Food Drive will continue to feed the hungry in Highlands County for as long as it takes… Our next collection date is Tuesday, April 13th.

Special requests this month include canned fruit (no glass jars), canned chicken, tuna, Spam, hash, etc. and hearty soups.

As usual, they also appreciate healthy cereals, canned vegetables, and dried beans, rice, and pasta. Other goodies you might pick up include toilet paper, shampoo, bar soap and laundry detergent.

This month we’re taking our collection to Faith Lutheran’s food pantry. They distribute the supplies to over 80 families every week – and some of those families are five or six people sharing a meal.

Please have your donation out at the end of your driveway by 8:30 AM, and if you put it in the center of the drive we can avoid the sprinklers. Our volunteers will collect by 9:30.

If you prefer to give a check or cash, contact Shirley at or Sybil at

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