Meet & Greet – Waylon and Willie

I didn’t do it.

In this edition of Tangle Woofers we make our way onto Easy St in the Carefree section of Tanglewood for a visit with long time resident Carol Ann Breton. Carol has been very involved with the D.O.G. (Dog Owners Guild) committee over the years, and in season offers Obedience training and Agility classes. Hmmm…Come to think of it, I listened and did everything she told me! 😳

I must say I had a fun visit with Carol and her boys Waylon a 1 1/2 yr gorgeous Sheltie, and Willie a super playful 3 1/2 month Standard Poodle puppy. Let me say that Willie is ENERGIZER BUNNY super playful and my treat bag took a hit today!  (FUN FACT…Carol mentioned to me that Willie slept for 3 hours after my visit and photo shoot….It’s hard work being famous Willie!)

Carol sent along her story to share with our readers to enjoy……

When I lost my Blue Merle Collie, Nicholas, to cancer in October of 2019, I was devastated. Unlike a lot of people who tell me, “I could never go thru that again!”, I will always have a dog.  They have been so much a part of me for over 50 years, I can’t


imagine life without one.

I started looking.  In view of the fact that I’m pushing eighty, I thought it might be good to downsize.  A Sheltie was my choice.  Finding one required a trip to CT and the help of my daughter, Becky.

I came home with Waylon – the sweetest, best behaved four month old puppy anyone could ask for.  However, as he grew up, I learnt he has anxiety issues. Noises and strange places terrify him.  He will never be the competition dog the BOYS (Luke, Cooter and Nicholas) were.


So-o-o-o, Waylon has a brother, Willie the Standard Poodle (so much for downsizing) who fears nothing including me.  Willie, at 3 and ½ months is already 2 inches taller than Waylon but they are the best of friends.  They love a morning romp in the Bark Park where they chase and wrestle each other for ten or fifteen minutes…saves a lot of wear and tear on the house.

Willie is a work in process. Together we are learning that Poodles require different training techniques than those I’ve used with collies. I also have to remind myself that despite his size, he really is only a baby. I look forward to the day when he earns his first Obedience title. Meanwhile, he’s a barrel of laughs…like the day Becky and I spent hours looking for her reading glasses only to turn around and see him holding them gently in his mouth as if to say “Is this what you’re looking for?”

  • A special Thank You to Carol (and the boys) for taking the time and allowing me to stop by for the article, it was fun and had me laughing.

As always when looking to add a furry baby to your home please consider the Humane Society or other shelter.  They will love you for it! 🐶

Tangle Woofers is a weekly feature, if interested in sharing your story, please send me a note to for details and setting up a day to visit.  Have a great week.

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