Get outside!


Well, I have noticed recently that there’s a lot more activity on the streets of Tanglewood.  The happy nurse in me says, yeah!  More people are getting outside, walking, biking, swimming (or floating).  And that’s a good thing.  But, we have to remember, our stamina and endurance isn’t where it  was a year ago.  So don’t go out the front door and expect to walk for an hour without feeling exhausted.  In fact, that can do more harm than good.

It will take some time to build up to the level you were at pre-covid.  FOR EVERYONE!  It takes as little as three weeks without exercising to notice a decrease in your muscle strength.  And to think we’ve been pretty sedentary for over 52 weeks!  

Add to that, you will see a decrease in your cardio ability.  We’re talking breathing and heart rate. Again, after about 2 weeks of sitting around, cardio starts to decrease – which translates into heart rate being elevated, breathing faster and more shallow, like you’re trying to catch your breath.

And all bets are off, if you were diagnosed with Covid and had respiratory issues.  No one really knows how long or how well you will recover.

So, while we all want to get outside and exercise, take it slow.  Don’t compare today against what you did a year ago.  Take a 10 minute walk around the circle  Ride your bike for 15 minutes, go to the pool and walk (great resistance exercise) for 15 minutes.  Build up your endurance weekly.  Because, as I’m sure you all know, if you overdo it today, you won’t go back and exercise tomorrow.


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