TMAC Chairs, 2021-22

Here is a list of the current Chairs of all TMAC Committees.  If you’d like more information about any one of these, feel free to contact the Chair listed.  You can join a Committee at any time.  Elections for Officers are held once a year, in February.

We thank TMAC Secretary Lou Ann Weix for compiling this list.


BINGO           Richard Balduff           863-471-6438

COMPUTER CLUB  John McKinney  863-385-2260

COUNTRY BREAKFAST   Steve Sykes  440-487-6603

DANCE            Lou Ann Weix             920-265-1090

DECORATING   Gail Woolley            401-533-2190

DIVERSIONS    Bob Larocque            863-202-0788

GENEALOGY     Marianne Jones       630-870-2250

GLASS SHOP     Dana Kneram          863-214-1067

LIBRARY         Charlotte Darling       863-382-2128

MODEL YACHT CLUB   Dick Hale     863-660-7396

MONDAY COFFEE        Polly Grant  919-333-4740

PETANQUE                   Greg Plank   419-651-6347

PICKLEBALL    Mark Pearlman        413-531-0963

POTLUCK        Paula Dascola           863-452-7884

SHUFFLEBOARD   Pat Parks         863-382-0603

SPECIAL EVENTS   Donna Scorse  863-273-6983

SPECIAL MEALS     Nola Bernstein  270-724-0013

TABLE GAMES     Barbara Boxer      863-658-3717

TECH SUPPORT     John Lemek      863-471-1562

TENNIS        Gerry Humphrey   863-214-1953

TRIPS & TRAVEL   Sharon Gilmore   765-621-2862

TWRTIMES.COM    Shirley Kabet         863-385-6972

WATER VOLLEYBALL   Nancy Kelleher  716-435-4824

WELCOME             Mary Lee Cipriano    267-304-3649

WOODSHOP          Joe Frohwitter       863-451-5915



TMAC PRESIDENT     Sharon Gilmore      765-621-2862


TMAC SECRETARY    Lou Ann Weix        920-265-1090

TMAC TREASURER   Marilyn Schoppenhorst   863-34-0116







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