Petanque Is Back!

Tournament Bosses,
Greg and Barry

It seems like years since our last Petanque Tournament due to Covid.  It was a very welcome sight and sound on Saturday, April 10 at 9am with the familiar horn blast to set the ‘modified’ tourney wheels in motion by Committee Chair Greg Plank.  After Greg and Vice Chair Barry Radawiec checked in the 48 entrants, and went over pertinent info, the first balls/boules of the season were tossed onto the well groomed courts to the delight of all involved. An awesome sign of hopefully better times for us all. Our PGT (Petanque Grill Team) hopefully will return to action for future tournaments when allowed.

The 16 teams consisting of 3 players each were met with a comfy 69F temp (which would rise to 82F for the finals), and not a cloud in the sky, with a nice breeze at 10-14 mph. Perfect

conditions for the 2 game guaranteed tourney. A BIG shout out to the 12 new players who dove in and participated in the tourney too! Sweet!

How do tournaments work?  Easy…..First round winners move on to play again into the ‘A’ bracket, while those teams on the short end move into the ‘B’ bracket. Beginning with 2nd round games in either bracket, any loss eliminates a team from further play, OUCH!  Win and keep playing, lose and you head home early. In regular tourneys your early elimination would put you first in line for the hot dogs, not a bad thing!

Let’s get to the results and Congratulate the Winners…..

“A” Flight Champs

Running the tournament and going undefeated all day, the ‘A’ Flight Champs are (from left to right) Richard Noga, Charlotte Lundewall, and Tom Finochio….Charlotte is a new player and first tournament, nicely done Charlotte! The overall Champs for the day were dominant in the finals winning 13-2. This team was GOOD!

“B” Flight Champs

The ‘B’ Flight winners are (left to right) Charlie Gilmore, Cathy Brunelle, and Barry Radawiec….Cathy is also a new player and first tournament…nicely done Cathy! The ‘B’ Flight Champs took the finals 13-9.

Petanque is a fun and easy to learn game. Daily play has begun again….make sure to check it out and give it a try.  Petanque balls are available for new players to use for the day. 

Thanks to the Petanque Committee and All for taking part, it was a fun day……See You At The Courts!

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