Meet & Greet – Chip Israel

Can I get 1 more treat please?

Tangle Woofers heads into Whistle Stop for this edition to visit with super friendly, and always smiling Jerry & Carol Israel and Chip, their cute lil Shih Tzu. Now Chip was a bit timid at first, but not for long, he is all shih tzu and turned out to be a very friendly little guy and a super easy photo shoot. Once a few treats came his way of course. 😬

(FUN FACT…Jerry & Carol previously had a shih tzu named Cookie who unfortunately developed growths. Their Vet had affectionately referred to them as ‘chips’, and that is how they

named their new addition CHIP) 

Carol sent along their story about Chip to share with our readers…..

We got Chip from a breeder when he was almost 2 years old. He really didn’t have a name yet since they just called him ‘pup’. Chip is nearly 14 years old now and blind in one eye, and he doesn’t hear too well. He just loves golf cart rides and loves sniffing around the Bash Area when on his walks. Chip hot on the trail! He doesn’t bark much anymore and takes multiple naps everyday.  He is an elderly gentleman who really is a ‘mommas boy’ and loves his Florida lifestyle just like his parents do.

  • Thank You to Jerry and Carol for taking the time for the article and shoot. It was a

    I always wanted a Family!

    very much enjoyed visit, and Chip is a cutie!  What a wonderful couple they are, who always make me smile when Im around them. What a great addition to our community.

As always when looking to add a furry baby to your home please consider the Humane Society or other shelter as an option. They WILL love you for it! 🐶

Tangle Woofers is a weekly feature, if interested in sharing your story please send me a note to for details and setting up a day to visit. Have yourself a great week!

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