Meet & Greet – Miss Tilly

Wow!  Another week has come and gone. This week Tangle Woofers head down Going To The Sun in Big Sky, to pay a visit with Tanglewood Sweetie, AnneMarie Lewin and her adorable 2 1/2 yr old Mini Labradoodle, Miss Tilly. What a fun visit I had visiting with AnneMarie and Miss Tilly who is chocolate in color, yet has some white ‘highlights’. (FUN FACT: A few of AnneMarie’s friends thought she frosted the tips down the back of Miss Tilly to give the ‘Pepe LePew’ look)  It does look cool 😎

AnneMarie sent along her story to share with our readers, enjoy!

I got Miss Tilly from a breeder in Virginia who is located in horse country up there in the hills of Berryville. She’ll be 3 years old in July.  She was a chocolate fluff ball when I first saw her and it was love at first site! She loves her walks and if given the opportunity, she will sit in every single person’s lap if you lean back in your chair. Miss Tilly sees that as an invite and will gladly oblige your invitation.

She does love the agility course for maybe 10 minutes and then it’s time for hide and seek in the tunnels. Obedience training is something she seems to enjoy as well, probably because of the pocket of treats she knows I have. We are working on our paperwork for the “Friends of the AKC “ because she is a labradoodle and they are not recognized as of yet. She visits with Nancy Chambers on Mondays and my mother on Fridays for socializing.

When I say the it’s time to visit the Home Depot store again she beats me to the door. She loves that store as well as the pet store because every one wants to pet and love on her and she is just a lush for that stuff.

* A big Thank You to AnneMarie for taking the time and sharing her story about Miss Tilly. It was fun and Miss Tilly is a doll!

As always when looking to add a furry baby to your home, give some consideration to the Humane Society or animal rescue.  They will love you for it! 🐶




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