Broadway Lights Murders John Lemek

The Broadway Lights Theatre Company brought us an interactive murder mystery on Saturday April 24.  Performed outside due to necessity, they overcame the obvious challenges of weather, acoustics, and stage sets.  (The two-holer outhouse was a nice touch.)

The play had very little plot, but plenty of memorable characters, as Sheriff Miranda Rights (Donna Scorse) interviewed each of the suspects before the final denouement. The large audience was invited to guess who the murderer was.

Performing in this mystery were Judith Eckstein, Nola Bernstein, Barb Snyder, Mary Jane Disco, Dar Liverance, Rick Mattulina, Polly Grant, Jay Etherton, Tom McKeever, Donna Scorse, and the victim, John Lemek. Gail Mattulina appeared as the Interlocutor, Terry Keelan made a reluctant Deputy, and there was a host of technical and support people helping to bring this off.    Donna Scorse produced and directed the evening.

The 50/50 was earmarked for the Tech Committee, and three lucky winners each shared the other half, each taking home $67.

Scene of the Crime


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