Be Kind, Always

A Reminder to Be Kind. Always.

This past year has been intense, strange and uncomfortable for all of us. Between the pandemic, civil unrest and economic uncertainty, we have experienced one of the most challenging years of our lives.

During the last fourteen months, you’ve been there for one another and your unwavering commitment to our communities has been inspiring. You’ve risen to the challenge, and the end is in sight.

As we navigate this next phase together, we want to remind everyone to be kind. At Hometown America, we value and support everyone. We appreciate the likenesses and differences of each person. One of the things that makes our community so special is what each and every one of you brings to the community.

We all handle the stress and pressure differently. Some of us are more outwardly anxious, others are more vocal. But most importantly, everyone is dealing with something.

What makes our community so special is the love and support you have for your neighbors and our broader communities.

Take a moment to recognize and congratulate yourself accomplishing what seemed like an impossible feat back in March 2020. Let’s be compassionate and kind toward one another as we discover what’s next, and let’s continue to respect and celebrate the unique perspectives and experiences of everyone in the community.

We have a bright future ahead of us, and we look forward to continuing to create a home where everyone feels welcome and valued.

Thank you,

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