Just Announced: Murder Mystery Train

Every year this offering from Trips and Travel is sold out quickly.  Here are the bare-bones details, to get you thinking:
The date is December 8, 2021.  The bus leaves Tanglewood at 1:00 PM, and will return you about 11:10 PM.  In between you’ll be treated to a train ride in Fort Myers.

The cost of your dinner (but not your drinks) is included in the $115 cost.  Select an entree from Prime Rib,  Poached Salmon, or Baked Chicken.   The murder mystery is played out on the train.  Alice has fallen down the rabbit hole again, and has landed in Wicked Wonderland.

Reserve your place NOW !  More information is available on the Trips & Travel desk in the Clubhouse.  But remember, your place is not confirmed until you’ve paid in full.  Make your check out to TMAC, or bring a fistful of cash.  Contact Penny Irilli, Sharon Gilmore, or Lorene Patterson.

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