Lest We Forget!


“Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised…” Psalm 48:1 MEV

As a boy growing up in the mountains of Colorado I had no idea how large an ocean could be, since my point of reference was the small bodies of water that I was use to seeing in the mountain valleys.  No one can really under stand the size of an ocean until you see one.  Nor, can you understand its true size until you fly over an ocean. I remember my first real understanding of the size of the Pacific Ocean on my first trip to Australia.  I didn’t think we would ever get there!

In the same way we can never really comprehend the depth of God’s love for us until we experience it.  Also, His love for us is unconditional, no matter what we have done in the past or in the present or in the future. He still loves. We do not have to work for it, but just be willing to receive the sacrifice of Christ on the Cross in our behalf.  Jesus has paid the price for all our disobedience.  All we need to do is receive Him as our Lord and Savior.

Therefore, let us praise Him everyday.  Let us always remember His love for us.  He is worthy of all our praise.  No matter what is going on in your life, never forget that God’s love for you is never ending and the depth cannot be measured.  An Everlasting Word!!!!!

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