The Divas…Sammie & Lola




Wow! It’s been awhile since our last edition of Tangle Woofers! Goodness…but what a great way to return to the doggie trail as we head into the Whistle Stop Community to pay a visit with good friends Deb Gitro and Susan Mirasky, and their 2 Divas and Energizer Bunnies, Sammie and Lola.

First I do have to mention upon my arrival, that there is no way in H  E  DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS, that anyone could ever sneak up to the Gitro residence!  😳 Just not gonna happen. Sammie and Lola gave me a hero’s welcome as I walked up the drive, I think they read somewhere that I give treats 😬

What a fun visit I had with Deb, Susan and their lil Ladies!  (FUN FACT…Lola used her flirtatious, eye batting technique to score extra treats from me, Sammie on the other hand was a little more to the point, and just did the pocket dive looking for more) Both just too cute.

I ask my hosts to say a bit about their babies which Deb did, with my thanks……

Sammie is our 4 year old Yorkshire Terrier and is so darn cute, lucky for her because as everyone knows that stops by, she is a barker. We got Sammie just before Hurricane Irma, and she weathered the storm with her daddy in the house while mommy volunteered at the Clubhouse. She is a cutie and she loves visitors. She will announce your arrival to the neighborhood.

Lola, a 3 year old Maltese and was acquired by a NY teacher that purchased her without much thought of the puppy habits. Well it certainly was overwhelming for her and my sister told me about her. My daughter was flying down to Florida so the fast scramble of an airplane ride for Lola was put into action.

Lola and Sammie are sisters from a different mother and father but sisters just the same. Sammie taught Lola every bad habit she could and both of them got the barking down pat. Well something had to be done as bark collars, yelling, punishment and training did nothing to curb their barking. Separation was the best answer.

Susan and Walt Mirasky had lost their little guy Duffy and of course no more dogs were going to be had. (We have all said that) Well we all knew Lola would love to go live with Susan and Walt who were always very close with the girls. They thought about it and agreed. It’s been wonderful for both of the girls and both of our households. We have an agreement for dog watching when needed and it works wonders until we decide to do something together and then we outsource. It’s only happed once so far. They are both good girls and now the 2 of them are both very happy in their homes. They are living a beautiful life here in Tanglewood.

***A special Thank You to Deb and Susan for taking the time and sharing their story with the Community, it was fun!

As always please consider the Humane Society or other animal shelter as an option when looking to add a furry baby to your household, they will love you for it! 🐶

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