TMAC 201 – C, The Food Committees

This is part three of our little tutorial on TMAC (Tanglewood Master Activities Committee).  The first one dealt with the Sports Committees, and the second on with the Service Committees.  Here we look at the Committees that feed us so well.

One thing you can count on, Tanglewood likes to eat.  And if someone else prepares the meal, and cleans up afterwards, so much the better!

There are four TMAC Committees that feed us:  Country Breakfast, Monday Morning Coffee,  Pot Luck, and Special Meals.

Country Breakfast serves up a complete meal once a month, on the third Saturday.  You’ll have juice, fruit, oatmeal or grits, scrambled eggs, bacon or sausage, toast, coffee and tea.  The price has been set at $4 for years *, and tickets sell out immediately during the season.  Chair is Steve Sykes, and he’s planning to resume Breakfasts in October. Contact Steve at 440-487-6603.

Monday Morning Coffee isn’t quite so elaborate!   Each Monday they will serve you a big fresh donut and coffee or tea at the informational meeting.  Think “home room” – this is where all the week’s information is given, and we can buy tickets for the shows, meals, and everything else that’s going on.  Sign up for events and check with the Trips and Travel people for anything from a day shopping trip to a couple weeks in Europe.  When there is a sponsor, he pays for the treats and gets twenty minutes to speak.  Other weeks there is a minimal charge for the coffee and donut.  The coffee is ready by 8:00, and the program starts at 8:30.   Chair:  Polly Grant, 919-333-4740.

Pot Luck – well, it’s a pot luck meal, on the second Tuesday of the month.  Chair Paula Dascola sets out a sign-up sheet, where you indicate how many are in your party, and the category of what you are contributing (meat, pasta, salad, dessert, etc.).  You’re asked to bring a dish that serves twelve.  You bring your own utensils, plates, and coffee cups, they provide coffee and tea.  The meal starts at 5:30.  There’s no charge, but bring a little cash for the 50/50.  You can reach Paula at 863-452-7884.

Special Meals – aahh, Special Meals!  During the season (roughly October – March or April), this Committee cooks a complete meal, usually to a sell-out crowd.  The tables are set, serviceware and plates are provided.  The meal is served by a team of waiters (residents all!).  The tickets go on sale the month before, and are priced around $8 or $10. * Special Meals Committee also cooks and serves the annual Golden Anniversary Dinner for those couples who have been married for fifty years.  Nola Bernstein is this year’s Chair, 270-724-0013.

*These are last season’s prices, they aren’t guaranteed, but then, nothing is in this world…




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