The Deep South Restaurant

We have all been anxiously awaiting the opening of The Deep South Restaurant located within the strip mall just opposite from us on Highway 27. (This is the former Yanni’s, then the Fairmount Ale House location, kind of behind Publix.)
The owners had a restaurant by the same name,  for one year, in Lake Placid.  They brought their menu and expertise to this new location.

Let me begin by saying that I ordered a cold, straight up, vodka gimlet. It was GOOD.  That was the first step.

The menu is diversified.  They have a $33.00 filet on the menu, along with various pork dishes, pizzas and great side dishes.  Seafood included fresh whitefish, shrimp and mussels. I ordered the pork chops with a bourbon glaze.  They were good, slightly over cooked, but good.  The side salad portion was enormous and wonderful; fresh, with all sorts of veggies in it. Appetizers ranged from build your own nachos to gator tails.  Entrees include various cuts of steak, burgers, and sandwiches.  Sandwiches include fried bologna (a delicacy from my childhood), pork tenderloin, and a po’ boy gator sandwich. An example of side dishes includes baked beans, baked potatoes, green beans and deep south corn (corn on the cob flavored with spices mixed within their butter). The portions are large.

One of the down sides is that the vegetables are not fresh, but canned, with a twist of trying to bring them up a notch; not too successful.  The lighting is harsh.  The A/C is running overtime, so bring a sweater.

But the service is good and the wait staff is very personable.

I did notice, however, that there are kids’ game machines along the wall adjacent to the eating area.  I did mention to the general manager if I was going to pay $33 for a steak I did not want to hear kids playing on a game machine.  She agreed!!  There is a separate banquet room which can hold up to 70 plus.
The female wait staff wear short shorts; similar to the Blue Lagoon.
The general manager, Brittney Davilla, said that their mission statement is to make all customers comfortable with good, reasonable prices and to treat all customers with respect.  They have lived up to their mission statement.  Portions are more than adequate.  It is definitely worth another trip.

You can find The Deep South Restaurant at 3750 US 27 North, Suite 2A.  Phone 863-531-3294

Bon Appetite.

*U.P. Developer*

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