Chez Mirelille Authentic Belgium Waffles

Typically I like sharing our dining out adventures as we explore restaurants in and around the Sebring area.  This time, I’m taking a little detour from that to tell you about Chez Mirelille (pronounced “Shay” + “Me-ray”).  What is that you ask?!!  Chez Mirelille is a new authentic Belgian waffle shop located at 2179 US 27 North here in Sebring.

I’ve never been to Belgium, and know very little of their food culture.  I do know over the years we’ve received many offerings of “Belgian Waffles” around the holidays from well-meaning folks.  I was excited to discover Chez Mirelille and had high hopes that the experience would be much better than those of days gone by. They did not disappoint!!

The shop is very simple and clean. Their style is consistent with what you would find in a Belgian “gaufrerie”, as a pick-up-and-go waffle shop. As you open the door the air waffles with scents of vanilla, chocolate, and sugars and will put a smile on your face.  It’s like a little bakery, but they do one thing – WAFFLES!!  You have a few choices, but our favorite is The Lie`ge (pronounced “Lee + “Edge”) Waffle, which is made with a yeast batter and contains crunchy little sugar pearls throughout the waffle. You can get a regular one or one with cinnamon, with or without a drizzle of milk or dark chocolate.  If you’re a lover of Belgium chocolate, you can order one half dipped in milk or dark chocolate. In addition to the Lie’ge style waffles, which is soft and crunchy, there is a more traditional soft vanilla or pumpkin flavored Herstal waffle that are delicious as well.

Prices are between $3.75 – $5.00 each depending on which waffle you select.  The shop is “take away” only and normally all types are available as they are made fresh each day.  If you go later in the day, they may be out of the stock of whatever you’re hoping to get.  If you are one to order online you can do that and they will have it ready when you arrive.  Delivery options are coming soon.

Learn more about Chez Mirelille on Facebook or on their website   Hours are typically 7-3 Sunday through Friday and are closed on Saturday.  Holiday hours are limited and their web site currently is showing “temporarily closed”, but they are open and are working long and hard to fill all the orders coming in.

If you’re looking for a sweet treat, out of the ordinary, be sure to check them out. Buying from and supporting a local family-owned business like Chez Mirelille is a win-win for everyone.




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