Can You Spell “Champion”?

Janet, Marianne, Sandra, Barbara

Thirteen hopeful spellers met in the Clubhouse on January 11.  Each was hoping: a) not to be the first one eliminated, and b) to take home some of the prize money.  Two new contestants joined the field, not the least intimidated by the past champions seated all around them.  (And both of them placed in the top four.)

Our Spellers this year were:  Marianne Jones, Christine Holmes, Sue Malingowski, Jackie Shrake, Janet McGill, Judy Donaldson, Bill Rulli, Pam Batey, Jackie Young, Sandra Burtch, Tom McKeever, Kristie Plank, and Barb VanDick.  We started at 2:00 and a mere thirty minutes later we were down to our four money-winners:  Marianne Jones took Fourth Place, having missed on “Formaldehyde”, Sandra Burtch, one of our first-timers, took Third after missing “Cynicism”.  Janet McGill, another newbie, got stuck on “Penitentiary” but was good enough for Second Place.  And our new Champion for 2022 is Barb VanDick, who had to get through “Penitentiary” AND a word of her own, “Potpourri”.   Congratulations to all our Spellers, whether they came in to one of the cash prizes or not.

We offer thanks to the Diversions Committee who sponsored the prize money, Dee Houseknecht and Shirley Kabet who made the monster chocolate chip cookies, Ken Kabet on sound, Pam Batey for her cute Power Point presentation, Donna Scorse, our Judge, and Bill Rulli for moving the chairs back and forth.

We’ll see you all again next year.

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