Maggie Mae, A Special Schnauzer

My second article about special pets was sent to me by the owner of “Maggie Mae Batey”, her mom  Pam.  It is written so well describing this special dog that I decided to copy her story for you.

Maggie is a well-trained Mini Schnauzer.  She’s the only Schnauzer in the park with a bushy tail, that swishes when she walks.

Maggie can sit, stay, shake, sit pretty on her back legs with front paws up, roll over but her best trick is to “go unresponsive”. I taught that one to her when I was teaching CPR and used her as a demo.  Although she keeps her eyes open, nothing else moves until she hears her release words “Free Dog”

Her baby is named “Scottie Dog”, a little black/white stuffed dog given to her by a friend of mine who had her potty trained within two weeks by using a bell hung over the doorknob. Whenever Maggie goes to visit or stay the night at a neighbors three doors down, she carries Scottie in her mouth the entire time we walk to the house. Once there, Maggie barks to announce her presence while still holding the stuffed dog in her mouth. We took a stroll today with Mrs. Patterson walking behind us as we went to see her favorite sitter, Lynn Wolfram.  Unfortunately, Lynn wasn’t home, so Maggie turned around and headed back home walking close beside me the entire time, and yes, Scottie was still in her mouth. She put him down once we were back home.

There is a photo of her dressed in hazmat gear back in 2020. She wore the mask and the booties but refused to move until the gear was off.  Maggie loves to ride in the golf cart and let the wind blow her eyebrows straight up.  Over the past 5 1/2 years we’ve lived in Tanglewood, Maggie chasing squirrels has now changed to “watching squirrels”. She’s a senior citizen now too.

Please stop by and visit with her. She will introduce you to her favorite stuffed animal, Scotty.  Stephen and Pam Batey, 4193

Smoke Signal.



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