February Approved Minutes

March TMAC Meeting

The February Minutes were approved as written today at the March 16th TMAC meeting. One of the objectives President Steve Batey discussed was transparency between the board, committees, and residents. Therefore, once the minutes from the prior month’s meeting have been approved, they will be posted here for all to read. Keep checking the TMAC News section as more information will be released throughout the month.  Congratulations to all the newly elected and current TMAC Chairs and their officers.

TMAC Minutes, February 16, 2022
The Meeting of the New Chairs to elect the new President and Vice President lasted longer than usual, so President Sharon Gilmore called the general meeting of the Tanglewood Master Activities Committee to order at 3:13. We stood to recite the Pledge of Allegiance.
Role was called by the Secretary, every Committee was represented except Bingo and Glass Shop. Several of the newly elected Chairs sat in with their outgoing counterparts.
The minutes of the January meeting had not been sent out, but LouAnn Weix had her copy and Billie Gillilan ran off enough copies for everyone. The acceptance vote was deferred until the end of the meeting to give us a chance to glance at the minutes. Treasurer Ellen gave her report orally, and handed out the individual reports to the Chairs. Steve Sykes moved to accept Ellen’s reports, and Donna Scorse seconded it. Passed unanimously.
There was no report from the Park Manager.
Activities Manager Billie gave her report. Management will hold a Fire Ring in the Outback on February 24, 4-6 PM. Resident Appreciation Days are March 22 (Dance) – 24 (Drive through meal), and 25th, (the Appreciation Awards Ceremony in the Bash area.) From April and moving forward, all the Hometown sponsored activities will be held on the fourth Tuesday of every month. This is due to the many many calls on HTA’s rooms and facilities. Knowing in advance which day is reserved for HTA will make our committees’ scheduling easier. Then Billie thanked us all for carrying on through the difficult years of the pandemic restrictions.
No Unfinished Business was brought forward.
Under New Business, Steve Batey of the Wood Shop withdrew his request at this time for money for a new table saw. A member of the shop was able to repair the old one, and it’s working for now.
Our retired Treasurer, Marilyn Schoppenhorst, is no longer a signatory on the TMAC account at Heartland Bank. A motion was made by John Lemek and supported by Donna Scorse to remove her name from the account, as of March 1. Passed unanimously.
Our new Treasurer, Ellen Kotler, reported that the old Excell accounting software is outdated and needs to be replaced by Quickbooks. Cost is $349 a year. LouAnn Weix motioned to get the update, Nancy Foley seconded, passed unanimously.
Committee Reports were given:
Bingo, absent Computer Club, Jeff Laurion will be the new Chair. There are 96 paid members for the upcoming fiscal year. The Lab remains closed at this time.
Country Breakfast, All officers returned for another year. February’s meal is sold out. Dance, The January dance with Toe Jam and the February Sweetheart dance with Kollections were both well attended. Decorating, They made many lovely table arrangements for Big Sky, Pot Luck and Special Meals. Decorated the lobby as well as the tables for the Sweetheart Dance. Diversions, A very busy month. Blind Draw, 150 players. Sevens, Tangled Trivia, BeanBag Baseball, are all very popular. Upcoming – the Variety show, Theatre on a Dime production, and the 2-day Garage sales. Many thanks to Hometown for providing the ice cream for Blind Draw, and to the sponsors of other generous gifts. New Chair: Bill Rulli. Genealogy, They hosted the Family History, Heirlooms, and Antiques show. Upcoming is a webinar on DNA. New members and guests are welcome. Glass Shop: absent Library, Sponsoring Book Bingo and Blind Date with a Book this month. All residents are invited to come see the Library and take out a book or two. Model Yacht Club, Sailing almost every day, come and watch the fun. Monday Morning Coffee, Sponsors have been secured for every week so far. They’re going through 18 dozen donuts each Monday. Petanque, The Kings and Queens Tournament was held, with the Queens winning in the A flight, and the Kings took the B flight. Courts are open to anyone to play when the teams are not out there. Pickleball has its new water supply, and HTA is going to put in a golf cart parking lot in front of the courts. Pot Luck is enjoying a good turnout every month. Much wonderful food. Shuffleboard plays Monday through Friday at 10 AM. New players are always welcome, lack of experience is no handicap. Open play at any other time, equipment is in the shed. Special Events is halfway through the season. Emanon will be here this Sunday, tickets are still available. They are seeking sponsorships for their programs to keep the costs down and the quality of the entertainment high. Special Meals, present but had no report. Table Games, present but no report. Tech Support had some equipment cleaned and repaired. Remember to have any requests for Tech in to Billie by the Friday prior to the 4th Monday of the month. Tennis is going very well. New players of all skill levels are welcome. Trips and Travel: Present but no report. TWRTimes Committee, The Name Game is in its 5th (of 6) week. Prizes will be awarded when we sponsor the Monday Coffee on March 7. We could use another couple of writers. Water Volleyball, another very active group. Schedule is posted on the pool veranda. Welcome Committee continues to meet with new residents. Their “Dinner Out” program seems to be a success. Next week they are showing a video of Highlands Lakeside Theater’s “A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder” in the Clubhouse.
Wood Shop, the table saw has been repaired (for now). They’ll be doing a big clean-up next week.
Farewell Remarks from Sharon Gilmore, outgoing TMAC President: This board needs integrity if it is to function for the benefit of all Tanglewood Residents. The Committees themselves need constructive workers to provide the services they’ve signed up for. Residents need to get involved in a Committee or two or three to keep this community viable.
Comments from the audience: Someone (didn’t see who) asked who the incoming President and Vice President are. Answer: Steve Batey and Bill Rulli. The Secretary has not been identified yet, and Ellen Kotler remains as Treasurer.
LouAnn Weix spoke about some of the problems the Dance Committee and others faced last year.
Larry Weix noted some ways in which the Committee Sign Up sheets could be handled better.
Meeting adjourned at 4:07 PM. Next TMAC meeting will be March 16 at 3 PM.
Submitted February 16, 2022 Shirley Kabet, Substitute Secretary

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